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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently; but if you’re still unclear about anything – please contact us.


Our FAQs are broken down by category below:


Is membership to Ultimate Travel Club worth the cost of subscription?

Yes. We really do think so. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? Seriously, we are so confident in the savings that we deliver to our members we estimate that they will recover more than the cost of their annual subscription by booking only one or two trips. On top of that there are great savings to be had on dining, cinemas, days out and attractions, and golf. Membership of UTC really does make sense. Try our Savings Calculator to see just how much you could save based on how often you think you would take advantage of the great benefits on offer.

What’s the minimum term of membership?

The minimum term of membership is one year, but you can cancel in the first 14 days and receive a full refund. 


How do I cancel my membership within 14 days?

We want our members to benefit from their membership (and tell their friends about us), so if you have had a look at the benefits and decided it’s not for you, we’re happy to let you cancel. Just call us or email [email protected] with your full name and address, letting us know you’d like to leave, and we’ll cancel and refund what you’ve paid. No quibbles. We’d love to know why you’re cancelling so we can improve things for the future. NOTE: If you have used your membership (to make a booking or activate your restaurant or airport lounge passes) you cannot cancel your membership. 


Does my membership automatically renew?

You’ll receive an email 30 days before your membership is due to expire giving you the opportunity to change your membership.


Does everyone coming on holiday with me need to be a member?

As a member you can use your benefits for everyone in your party, so all your friends and family can benefit from the savings you make on mark-up free travel as long as you’re traveling with them.


Do I get a membership number?

You’re a name not a number! You can log in using your email address and a password you set, there’s no need for a membership number.



How can you offer cheaper rates and fares than other online travel agents?

Unlike other travel agents – offline and online – we don’t add mark up’s to the rates we negotiate with our suppliers and any commision we get from suppliers we translate into a discount. We run our business on the money we make from membership subscriptions. This means the rates and fares we offer to our members are usually significantly cheaper than you will find elsewhere.


Do you really not add a mark up / take commission on your sales? That doesn’t sound like a viable way to run a business.

As a team we’ve worked in the travel industry for a long time. It’s an industry we love, but we don’t love the way it works. We are seeking to change that. Also, there is no denying the travel and leisure sectors need our support in order to recover from the crippling effects of the pandemic. We are committed to doing our bit in helping them. Lastly, we are certain that, like us, you are itching to get out into the world and start exploring again – at home and abroad.

Subsequently, we are taking a very different approach to how this business operates. We will make all our income from selling memberships and not from adding mark up or taking commission to the travel products we sell. To be successful in attracting and growing our membership it follows that our members must enjoy genuine benefit from their commitment to us. Our priorities are:

  • To provide a very broad range of travel products to all destinations for all dates to suit all interests (hotels, B&B’s, villas, cottages, cruises, tours, car rental etc).
  • To be able to offer the best rates in the market. Guaranteed through our Price Promise.
  • To focus on offering our members long term value from their relationship with us through personalised communication giving them access to the type of products and services that appeal to them the most.

To ensure members receive benefits 365 days a year, and not just when they want to go on holiday, through offering a broad range of lifestyle benefits such as cinema, theatre, dining, and golf discounts they can take advantage of all year round. As our membership grows, we will be able to negotiate and offer our members additional benefits adding even greater value to their membership

How does your price guarantee work?

If you find a cheaper rate for exactly the same product or service (e.g. the same room type and meal plan, or same car type with identical package) on a public facing website (not another discounted members club) please take a screen shot, and send that to us, as well as the web address at [email protected]. If you find it before booking we will match the price, or if you find it afterwards please send the email within 24hrs and we will either cancel and provide a refund, or give you the difference back in Travel Credit – whichever you prefer. Please note that we will do this up to a maximum total of £500 per booking. Due to the way airlines sell their products, we are unable to offer this price match guarantee on flights and package holidays that are sold by airlines. See https://www.ultimatetravelclub.com/price-guarantee/ for full terms and conditions. 


Some of your rates are cheaper than the online travel giants such as Expedia or Booking.com. How can you match and beat their buying power?

Unlike traditional online travel agencies any commission given to us by suppliers is turned into a discount off the published prices. Furthermore, because we are a private members club suppliers often give us access to cheaper rates that aren’t available to public-facing websites. Also, we have the same if not more availability than all of the well-known online travel agencies, but at a lower cost as we won’t add a mark-up on the rates suppliers give us or take commission from the booking. This also means that even when suppliers/hotels increase pricing for high demand dates – we will still be able to offer some saving.


How does your travel credit system work?

In three ways. Firstly, for monthly subscribers we credit your travel account with £10 each month. Secondly, we reward your loyalty by allocating 2% of the total you spend on every travel purchase you make on our website, or with one of our travel advisors over the phone, to your credit account. Finally, we give members £25 travel credit for every friend or family they recommend who joins us. As this credit balance increases you can redeem it against future travel purchases of your choosing on our website – either in full, or in part by topping up with cash.


Are your travel credits as difficult to spend as traditional airline loyalty points or miles?

Absolutely not. We are just as frustrated as you are about the restrictions often placed on how and when the airline points or miles you earn can be redeemed. We address this by offering a very transparent system of travel credits (measured in £ not points) where a straight 2% of the total you spend on a travel purchase on our site is allocated to your credit balance.  You can then choose when to use your travel credits to pay for your travel booking – in part or in full – for hotels, villas, cottages, can rental, airport parking, transfers, and on ANY date. We are currently restricted by ATOL licensing rules from the CAA that prevent us from allowing our members to redeem their travel credit against bookings that include flights. We hope this will change in the future.


Are you just another special offer / deal site working with suppliers to help them offload distressed inventory?

No, unlike some other subscription travel sites we work like a full-service online travel agency offering a full range of travel products, rates and fares, and dates – including peak periods like school holidays, unlike some travel discount sites. You will find all the usual travel suppliers and brands on our site that you will find on any other online travel agency.


You are choosing to launch a new travel business at a very difficult time for the travel industry when international travel opportunities will be very limited. Why?

We have delayed the launch of our business to September 2021 because we feel by this time the number of international travel options will have increased significantly. Furthermore, we have purposefully included a range of UK travel options and lifestyle benefits that makes sure that even if you aren’t quite ready to start travelling abroad just yet you can still be certain the savings you will make on travel and activities in the UK will outweigh the cost of your monthly membership.


Are you sure now is a good time to launch a new subscription model?

The travel, leisure, and hospitality industry has been hit hard during the pandemic. Together we have a chance to help bring travel back better. If you are anything like us, you will be itching to start living and exploring again – at home and abroad. Our membership offers access to the best of travel and much, much more including discounts on dining, cinema, golf, days out, and attractions.


This all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? Why aren’t the big travel companies already doing this?

Traditional travel businesses make their money by adding as much as 40% commission to the rates they get from their suppliers. This is how they fund their business and it would be incredibly challenging for them to change this fundamental operating model.


Can you offer the same level of consumer protection established travel providers can?

Absolutely. We need our members to feel secure in their decision to support us. To make that possible we have partnered with an established fulfilment business that is responsible for fulfilling the bookings you make with us. Through our partnership with them we offer our members the same ATOL and ABTA protection available through all the larger, more established travel providers.


At a time when we are all growing more conscious about the environmental impact of travel you are effectively encouraging more international travel by providing access to cheaper fares and rates. Isn’t this a bad thing?

We believe travel – in the UK as well as abroad – offers fantastic opportunities to enrich our lives and improve understanding between nations. Although this is to be encouraged we of course take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Consequently, we have partnered with Ecologi – a leading climate project company based in the UK – to use some of your membership subscription fees to compensate your carbon footprint and fund global climate projects. 85% of the funds raised by Ecologi are allocated to climate projects and to-date they have planted 20m trees around the globe.


You say you are making travel better. How so?

We remove the guesswork and the anxiety often experienced by travellers wondering whether they have got access to the best rates and fares or whether the travel options presented are just generating the largest commission for the travel agency. We are committed to remaining completely transparent in our trading offering our members access to the rates and fares we negotiate from our suppliers – without adding any commission or other markups. We believe this makes travel better.


You are called the Ultimate Travel Club. Does that mean you sell travel only?

We offer a range of what we call lifestyle benefits that you can take advantage of right here in the UK. For our launch they include up to 50% at over 6,000 UK restaurants, gastro pubs and cafes, up to 50% off at cinema, days out, and attractions, and up to 50% off green fees at more than 800 golf courses. As our membership grows so does our negotiating power and we intend to regularly add more benefits to ensure our members continue to get maximum value from their subscription.


I have many friends who would be interested in Ultimate Travel Club. Can they join?

Absolutely. The more members we have the more benefits and discounts we can negotiate. Members will receive £25 credit awarded to their account for each new member they refer; but you need to use your personal referal link which you will find in your welome email from us.   


How do I access the restaurant discounts offered via my UTC membership?

When you join you will be given access to an app and a website that will give you full access to all our wonderful lifestyle benefits, including discounted dining at more than 6,000 restaurants in the UK. When you first use the app or website you will be asked to re-set the password given to you when your account is created. You must sign in to your membership via the app or website in order to access and read more details about each of the benefits.

Are there any restrictions on when I can use the dining discounts?

Avaliability varies by restaurant. Some place restrictions on the size of the party allowed, and some restrict days and times. Members are requested to call the restaurant in advance and quote you have a dining discount membership.


In the restaurant how do I ensure I receive the discount I am entitled to?

Firstly, mention you have a dining discount membership when you are being shown to your table. If you don’t mention this until after eating the restaurant is under no obligation to offer you a discount.

Using the app, click on “Dine Out,” then select the restaurant you are visiting and click on “Show Card.” The digital version of your membership will appear which the waiter or waitress can use to honour your discount. Some will ask for the QR code which appears if you click on the card.


What dishes are included?

Only items on the a la carte menu are included and are eligible for discount. Set menus, sharing platters, sides or specials are not included. And the discount can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers.


How do the green fee discounts work in practice?

It couldn’t be easier. When you join you will receive a golf discount membership card and be given access to a website (from June for Founder Members) that will give you full details of all the participating golf courses and the offers available. Select the course you want to play from the online directory – all the information you need is there, including course descriptions and contact details. Call the course to book a tee time and advise that you are a discount club member. On the day, show your membership card and pay your reduced green fees. Simple!


Are there any restrictions placed on the golf discounts?

Each participating golf course will endeavour to facilitate our members, subject to availability once the member adheres to the published restrictions in each case. Restrictions vary and are listed under the partner golf club’s description.


Can I only visit each golf course once using my membership?

No, each establishment can be visited at least twice each year at your privileged rates. Indeed, many partner establishments allow you to use your privilege offers as often as you wish.


Am I the only one who can take advantage of my golf membership discounts?

No, your card is completely transferable so you can give it to a friend, family member or colleague so they too can receive the discounted green fees.       


Do all the golfers in my party need to be UTC members to take advantage of the discounted green fees?

No, your membership card covers up to 8 golfers on any one visit, depending on the specific offer at the club in question.


Do you require a handicap certificate to play at participating courses?

Normal visitor rules will apply for UTC members and some courses will require a handicap certificate. Always check with the golf club beforehand.

Days out and attractions

What are “days out and attractions?”

We have partner offers where you can save upto 50% compared to visiting an attraction directly on the day through your membership. These include Alton Towers, Sea Life, Legoland, Madame Tussauds, Warwick Castle, Blackpool Tower, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and more


As a UTC member how do I take advantage of these discounts?

The ability to book in advance is made available through our app, can help save money at a variety of attractions and days out. We offer exclusive discounts through our links and codes.

Please always check the dates you are booking are correct, and make sure you are comfortable with your purchase before proceeding. All attractions in this section are booked through our partners, and you will need to contact them if you have any issues.

Please Note – Once booked you may not be entitled to a refund so please check carefully before booking.


What is the cinema offer?

With UTC membership you can get up to 30% off the value of a full price cinema ticket at Vue, Odeon and Picturehouse throughout the UK, when compared to booking on the day directly at the box office. 

To ensure you are getting the best offer and saving the most money, always check the price before purchase as cinemas can change the price they charge. Our price is for a film at that venue, any time any day (upto the expiry date).

How do cinema discounts work?

When you join you will be given access to an app and a website where you can purchase discounted e-codes that can be exchanged for seats at your chosen cinema. 


How do I buy cinema e-codes?

You can purchase cinema e-codes through our app, or on our website. We offer up to 30% off the box office price at our cinema partners.

Just sign in to the app or website and follow the journey below:

  • Select the “Cinema” section
  • Choose the cinema you want to visit
  • Select the type and number of e-codes you wish to purchase (please check the seats and screening are suitable for your needs before purchase)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Complete your purchase by entering your payment details
  • We will send you e-codes via e-mail. You can either take your e-codes to the cinema to exchange for seats or redeem online via the cinemas website directly

Please Note: Additional online booking fees may apply if you are booking your seats in advance. Each cinema has their own restrictions on what films can be viewed using an e-code, please check these terms and conditions of use before purchase.


Are there any restrictions on using e-codes?

Any e-codes purchased through your UTC membership are for standard screenings only, either 2D or 3D based on the options available and your selection.

Any Special Screenings, Special Showings or with Showings with Special Effects might not be valid. You will need to check the cinemas website terms and conditions to understand how e-codes can be used in full and against which films.


My e-code has expired, what can I do?

When you buy e-codes from us they are issued with 3 months validity.

The expiry date of the e-codes are provided in your order confirmation email.

If you are trying to use your e-code after the date on the email then we are sorry but we are unable to refund or extend these. 


Will your prices always be the best?

Our prices are fixed for each cinema location and ticket type, we are clear on the price you pay on our cinema page and you confirm you accept the price at the point of purchase.

Our prices do vary depending on where the cinema is (e.g. Inside the London Zone is often more expensive) and the prices they charge. Our e-codes can be used on any day, at any time ( as long as it is before the expiry date and not at a screening exempt from using e-codes).

Cinemas can adjust their prices for a number of reasons and on different days, at different times, and for different groups (e.g. students, pensioners, kids clubs etc). So we recommend checking the price directly before purchase through us as we can’t refund once our e-codes have been bought.


Are there any additional charges that I might incur?

Additional online booking fees may apply if you book a seat in advance at the cinema. Cinemas have their own restrictions on what films can be viewed using an e-code please check their sites terms and conditions of use before purchase.

If you visit a cinema using a standard code and want to upgrade your seat there will be an additional charge payable to the cinema directly. They are under no obligation to accept this, it is at their discretion.


My e-codes aren’t working – what do I do?

The first thing we recommend is to double check that you are entering the e-code exactly as it is displayed, we have all confused a 1 with an I before.

Why not try to copy and paste the e-code directly from the email we sent you with your e-codes. When doing this make sure that there is no “space” at the start or end of the e-code when you paste it to use.

Check to make sure that the e-code expiry date has not passed. E-codes are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and this is shown in your confirmation email.

You will need to input your e-codes in certain areas depending on which cinema’s website you are visiting. Please check careful before proceeding so you don’t end up paying for e-codes with us and buying a seat directly from them directly.

If you need further help please contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help. 


How do I redeem e-codes?

Once you have purchased your e-codes they will be sent to you via email using the email address on your membership.

You can either take your e-codes to the cinema directly and view your film, or redeem online via the cinemas website directly by booking a seat in advance.

You can only use e-codes against the screening type which you have selected. For example a 2D e-code can only be used against 2D screenings.

Upgrades may be able to be applied for, but you would need to speak to the cinema directly about this. They are under no obligation to upgrade you for a different film or seat.

Please Note – some cinemas may charge an admin fee may if booking a seat on their website in advance.