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Whether you’re on holiday or travelling for business, it can be easy for your fitness regime to fly out the window. However, there are definitely ways you can incorporate fitness in your travel while still enjoying yourself and making the most out of your experience.

So we’ve devised some simple key tips and tricks to help you maintain your fitness while you’re travelling:

Take Your Workouts To The Beach

No one wants to stay indoors cooped up in a gym for hours whilst they’re on holiday, so why not take your workout to the beach? Here is a 10-minute, no equipment HIIT video you can follow; perfect for those short on time or you just simply want to get back to sunbathing!

Fun Fitness Classes

See if your hotel has any fun classes to take part in! It’s a great way to get some fitness in while meeting other people and more importantly, having some fun. There are so many unique classes out there, from paddle board yoga to poolside aerobics.

Go For A Hike and Explore

This is a great way to see and explore the amazing views of the area you’re staying in, all while getting your steps in. Feeling adventurous? Here are a list of best day hikes around the world to inspire you. And definitely bring your camera along for the insta-worthy pictures!

Eat Right

Whilst it’s easier said than done, your diet and nutrition plays a significant role in your health and fitness. Try opting for the healthier options that include more natural foods, such as leafy green vegetables, and refrain from drinking your calories. It’s perfectly okay to enjoy yourself while still maintaining a balance!

Meet New People and Workout With Them

A great motivator to stay fit and healthy is having someone doing it with you! Whether it’s your friends or family you’re travelling with or meeting new people whilst you’re there, working out with someone will boost your overall morale and you’ll find that you’re more propelled to workout!

Overall, while it’s important to stay fit and healthy, don’t stress yourself about it. Enjoy yourself! Make sure you’re hydrated and rested, and make better choices where you can.

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