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Offsetting your carbon footprint can seem like no easy feat, however Ultimate Travel Club can help you do this from our recent collaboration with Ecologi. 

Ecologi is a platform aiming to reverse climate change and secure our future, as well as the state of the planet. Through our partnership, a tree is planted for every new UTC member and every month after during your membership! This is a simple but effective way at offsetting the carbon impact of your travel.

As a result of partnering with Ecologi, as well as many other companies, 44.2 million trees have been planted which consequently has significantly reduced CO2 emissions by 1.9 million tonnes! 

There are also other ways you can reduce the impact of your travel! Keep reading to find out how.

Reduce Your Flights Through Workcations

Combine your business travel with your holiday to reduce the amount you travel, and what better way to celebrate a hard day’s work than treating yourself to a holiday after!

Fly Economy

Carbon emissions while flying business or first class are three times higher than flying economy; this is primarily due to seats taking up more room which leads to increased fuel consumption, more baggage allowance as well as other business class amenities that produce more lifecycle carbon emissions. 

Pack Light

From the mention of more baggage allowance leading to more fuel consumption, packing light provides a solution. And it’s not a bad thing! You can save money, you won’t have to worry about checking-in your baggage and you can weave your way through the airport traffic, getting to your destination quickly and efficiently. 

Fly Direct

Where you can, flying direct consequently reduces the impact of your travel through less modes of transport being involved, which of course saves on emissions. 

Overall, you can choose where to spend your money to carbon offset your travel, and by opting into a UTC membership, we can help you do this. To learn more about our partnership with Ecologi, go to: