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Wanting an excuse to celebrate? Here are 8 of the strangest and quirkiest national holidays that people partake in!

1. July 7th – National Macaroni Day

Macaroni has an interesting origin story. Contrary to popular belief that these miniature elbow-shaped pasta originate from Italy, it is believed to have actually come from China. Through its popularisation, it is now the most common pasta found in the US!

Love Mac and Cheese? Check this out for your Mac and Cheese tour around the US States!

2. July 7th – World Chocolate Day

All around the world people celebrate one of life’s greatest indulgences – chocolate! But where does it come from?

The cacao bean can be traced back to Mesoamerica; present day Mexico, where it has been grown and cultivated for the past three millennia! Mexico is definitely the best destination for chocolate lovers worldwide – here are some must-see places!

3. July 10th-18th – National Doughnut Week

This sweet, round fried cake has a whole week dedicated to celebrating it, which has also been going on for 29 years! Aside from celebrating its iconic history, National Doughnut Week helps to raise awareness and funds for important causes, such as The Children’s Trust.

4. July 11th – National 7-Eleven Day

What better date to celebrate one of the most popular convenience stores worldwide! The name itself represents the store’s opening hours, open seven days per week. And to date, Japan has the most 7-Eleven stores with 20,988!

You should definitely visit a 7-Eleven whilst staying in Japan – you can find anything from bento boxes and strawberry sandwiches to ATMs and neck cushions!

5. July 16th – Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

One of the most popular domesticated animals has to have a day of appreciation! These intelligent, social explorers originate from South America, but are most common in the US and Germany. Globally, it is estimated that there are around 30 million of them; they definitely could have their own country!

6. July 20th – National Fortune Cookie Day

Love Chinese food? Then you’ll definitely be familiar with the staple cookie that provides some wise wisdom! Why not celebrate this day by visiting one of the best chinese restaurants?

7. July 27th – Bagpipe Appreciation Day

This day celebrates Scotland’s beloved instrument, the bagpipe. Interestingly, bagpipes can be initially traced back to the Middle East where shepherds used to play bagpipes for entertainment! A great way to learn more about the cultural history of the bagpipe is visiting the Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum which houses a large collection of over 100 different bagpipes.

8. July 30th – World Snorkelling Day

Snorkelling is an adventurer’s best friend. Being creatures of the land, it is often easy to forget the beauty you can find elsewhere, and who doesn’t love an aquatic adventure? Here are the top snorkelling spots for 2022!

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