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Looking to do some travelling and struggle with the stress that comes with organising? Here is our travel guide complete with tips from the team at Ultimate Travel Club

Stephen’s Top Tip

Do some research before you go so you know how to immerse yourself in the local culture: learn some new words and phrases in the local language, eat and shop local to support the economy, and take public transport. Most importantly, ask for recommendations from hotel staff or locals you stop and chat with; they know the place better than you, so what better way to have a unique travel experience.

Brett’s Top Tip

Patience is a virtue. It’s easy to feel stressed when things may not go to plan. Whether it’s a delayed flight, you forgot something at home or something else, it’s important to go with the flow when you travel and know things will be okay. You can still have a great time, regardless of the situation!

Jae’s Top Tip

While it is important to book in advance and organise your travel before you go, once you’re at your destination, don’t feel afraid to be more spontaneous! Being open-minded allows you to explore new places that you wouldn’t usually go to. It’s also important to listen to your mind and body; while you may want to do something everyday, it’s not a bad thing to rest up and relax on your trip away.

Owen’s Top Tip

Check that you have all your important documents to hand and don’t forget to check the expiry date from time to time so you can renew your passport, health insurance or travel cards well in advance. You can apply for a GHIC/New EHIC card here, which covers you if you ever are in need of accessing state-provided care while away. It’s always good to be safe which is why this is my top tip!

George’s Top Tip

From creasing your clothes because your suitcase is too small or having the right security, investing in the right luggage makes such a difference to your trip. If you’re looking for a carry-on, a durable suitcase or a good all-rounder, here is a list of best luggage pieces for 2022.

Rob’s Top Tip

Get flexible travel insurance that covers you for a wide range of activities when you’re travelling, as well as protects you from cancellations that are beyond your control; from lost luggage to COVID-19. Our UTC members can also take advantage of 20% off travel insurance! Financial protection is so important when you’re travelling and you just never know when you might need it.

Laura’s Top Tip

Beat the crowds of your bucket-list places by waking up early! My favourite thing to do when I travel is to watch the sunrise from one of the best points, and then go off to visit all the tourist destinations before all the crowds start coming in. Experiencing these amazing sites in the calm before the storm definitely enhances your travel, plus you’ll be able to take some great shots without the photobombing! If you want to follow these top tips on your next adventure but need some extra help, get into contact with our team by emailing: [email protected]