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“Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.”

Travelling is one of the greatest things to experience in this world. Its limitless possibilities and experiences is what inspires people to travel in the first place.

What is special about travelling is that it can mean something completely different to different people. Whether travelling provides you a sense of adventure, a new experience, the opportunity to learn a new language, or learn about a culture; simply, it exists to be enjoyed.

We all appreciate a break from the daily routine of our lives. However, for those who struggle with breaking away from their screens or working life, and who tend to overwork themselves, here are 7 key reasons why travelling is good for your mental health.

1. You’ll Gain a New Perspective

You are bound to learn something new by stepping outside of your regular routine and environment. Travelling offers you a new perspective on other people’s lives as well as your own. Think to yourself, how can you adopt the things you have learned while travelling?

2. Restart and Recharge

Sometimes we just need a break. Making sure that you have the time to destress and unwind is so important for your mental wellbeing. It’s so easy to get caught up on what needs to be around you, that you forget about yourself. Let travelling be a reason to mentally reset.

3. Learn Transferable Skills

You may not recognise how travelling can boost your employability but it certainly can! By exploring different places, cities and countries, you can adapt to new situations with ease and develop your interpersonal skills through meeting and talking to new people (even better if you try speaking the language)! How well you barter in the market can reflect your ability to be able to sell and persuade. The way you organise and be responsible about your time is how well you can self-manage. These are all key skills that are desirable!

4. You’ll Enjoy Life for What It Is:

When you’re travelling, there are no pressures or confinements and it allows you to really disconnect from your professional life. Take this opportunity to switch off from the digital world once in a while, and don’t feel pressured to update the gram on a regular basis. Sit back and relax.

5. Escape the Material World

Sometimes you forget the things that are most valuable to you. Travelling somewhere new can offer you the chance to rediscover and reevaluate what is important to you, offering you a fresh lease on life.

6. It Will Enhance your Creativity

Research suggests travelling and being able to experience new things, people and places enhances your cognitive flexibility; a key component of creativity. The more you take yourself out of your comfort zone while travelling and make the effort to engage with the local; that’s where your creativity will really thrive.

7. “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” – Dr. Seuss

Last but not least, the memories and experiences you will have while travelling are truly unforgettable. Nothing will replace that moment in time, and with most travels, you’ll end up wanting to do it more!

Overall, your travel experience is unique to you. You may learn even more things through your travels that you didn’t think you would, or meet people that will forever change how you think about your life. It is amazing how simply a new environment will positively affect your mental health, and we hope this post gives you the courage to book that annual leave off that you’ve been keeping at the back of your mind, but keep putting off because you tell yourself ‘you’re too busy’.

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