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2022 has the feel of a year where people will try and do the things they’ve always wanted to. It’s no secret that as we grow up life becomes increasingly busy and getting away for those much-needed holidays tends to fall by the wayside.

These past 2 years have taught us all that these times are precious and if you feel that it’s time to book that holiday you’ve been putting off, it’s probably the right time to do it.

Want to tick off bucket list items in 2022? Now’s the time to book your trip.

Once in a lifetime holidays

Some of the top holidays that people dream of taking in their lifetime are as follows:

Trek Mount Everest

Have you always wanted to climb Mount Everest? It’s a bucket list item that many dream of, and this is now truer than ever. The view would be remarkable and simply unforgettable. A trekker’s paradise awaits at Everest Base Camp.

Take a trip Down Under

For those of you that have been thinking about traveling to Australia for years, 2022 is the year to do it. 

That view from Sydney harbour bridge could be an experience by itself; but don’t forget Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia, and if you’re an art lover then you can check out their many galleries and exhibitions. 

With current plans for international tourists to be welcomed back Down Under in 2022, this is the time to see the country that has made tourists’ bucket lists for years.

Ride a camel in Egypt

It might also be time to check out the pyramids at Giza. For those of you who have seen these wonderful monuments on TV or images for years now, it’s time to go. Egypt has so many other things to see and do so why not expand on your holiday time there. 

Ride a camel around the pyramids, visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and go shopping in the world-famous Khan al Khalili bazaar.

Relive family memories

Have you wanted to relive some of your traditional family moments on holidays from when you were younger? Now’s the time to go back down that route with trips to Cape Cod or Hawaii. You know how much you used to enjoy doing these things all those years ago but it feels like life has gotten in the way since then. 

Well, it’s definitely time to make it happen in 2022. 

Most of the time, if we are being honest with ourselves, traveling is something that would make a lot of us feel happy and content for years to come, yet somehow we still find a way to neglect it. Not anymore! 2022 is the year of the carpe diem holidays.