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Tech plays a major part in our daily lives – more so than ever before – and one area where technological advances are vital is in travel.

Feeling reassured and comfortable with travelling is one of the major hurdles people face when booking a trip again. The travel industry is very conscious that booking now needs to be quicker and easier than ever, and so tech is becoming a major focus for the travel industry.

The latest ABTA research on whether people were keen to visit a country they’d never been to before shows a decline: in 2019 45% wanted to book somewhere new compared to a decline down to 32% in 2020 – and sadly, we all know the reason for that.

In the post-covid world that we now live in, guests want to be comforted that their trip will run as smoothly as possible and that all the necessary protocols are in place.

We live our world online, and since the pandemic hit digitisation was forced upon us in a way that means we’ll never be the same again. 

Hotels have had to consider revamping all their previous processes, such as manual check-ins and traditional keys, as well as prepping new guests with sanitization process updates. All of this information can be provided to customers ahead of their travel (something we take very seriously too, by the way) so that the holiday can begin in the way it should do… with excitement! 

If flying abroad is your travel method, then it’s worth noting that airlines have also stepped up their routine for disinfecting planes before and after each flight. Prior to stepping on that plane, airports have also had a huge tech overall, with some offering tax-free shopping apps and most offering online check-ins.

A tech overhaul applies to dining out too, as that will naturally increase in popularity once travel hits holiday areas (hello, lovely local restaurants!). QR codes have become increasingly popular, meaning customers don’t have to touch menus, and in some pubs and bars table service is operating.

We just can’t wait to see where you go, and all the amazing travel experiences you’ll have! Don’t forget to use your handheld tech too and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!