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The revival of the travel industry is certainly one to celebrate – being able to enjoy new sights, cultures, food and smells is one thing we’ll never take for granted again. 

Just the thought of a holiday – no matter how near or far; how adventurous or relaxed; how long or how short; is one hell of a magic feeling and so we are very excited to get back to doing what we do best… creating holidays (and going on them too!)

Everyone has the right to feel safe when they go away and there are plenty of actions that have been taken so that customers can just enjoy being away – after all, time is precious and companies understand that.

One travel sector that has bounced back and taken charge when it comes to preparing post pandemic holidays is the cruise industry. With new protocols and a carefully maintained environment, cruise ships are welcoming back their loyal customers with great results as bookings are filling up again.

Collectively, the industry has said that there will be fewer people per ship, allowing more space for social distancing. Waste management systems have been reviewed as well; and in some cases traditional buffets will be replaced with table service. On some ships, new air-infiltration systems are being installed, which ensures that even the lower decks get consistent fresh air flowing through them. 

In the time it has taken for life as we know it to resume, the cruise sector has identified its vulnerabilities and in turn, overhauled their processes in line with Covid protection.

Not only has it had time to review procedures, but it has upped its game altogether so that the holiday experience as a whole is better. They have reviewed their food and drink options – with many providing all-inclusive rates, focused on better entertainment, and want to provide an overall amazing experience for all ages. On the whole, they have thrown everything they’ve got at creating the best experience possible for their customers.

So, honestly, if you want to be looked after, experience some amazing places, enjoy glorious meals and meet fantastic people all along the way, then jump aboard, a cruise could be your holiday of choice.

And let’s be honest, after everything we have all had to worry about over the last couple of years, not having to worry about a) booking your holiday – um… HELLO Ultimate Travel Club membership! and b) not having to worry about what happens when you get there; it’s a no-brainer that a cruise holiday could be just the vacay answer you’re looking for!