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We love holidays, and we love the new trend for flexible working, so we’ve commissioned our friends at Savanta to do some research into how many of the British public would like to combine the two to create a hybrid-holiday. Unsurprisingly there are millions of us who fancy hot-desking somewhere – well, hotter! In fact, our research shows that around 19 million people would chose to work from a holiday destination at some point in the year, if their employer allowed it.

When independent travel journalist Simon Calder looked at our research he said,

“The necessity of navigating through the Covid-19 crisis has made many of us re-evaluate our lifestyles. This research by the Ultimate Travel Club shows people are finding fresh ways to improve the work-life balance.  With evidence that staff can actually be more productive out of the office, it’s now clearly a question of choosing the perfect backdrop for those online calls. Personally, I look forward to choosing between the Mediterranean and the mountains.”

This new trend looks set to become established, with Ocado declaring that staff can work from abroad for up to a month a year, and many innovative firms – such as Bumble – dispensing of annual leave quotas altogether, and trusting team members to take what works for them and the business

As we look to travel more, and the “Hybrid Holiday” emerges as the new trend, Ultimate Travel Club is the optimum way to book travel and pay less. For just £99 a year members are given access to trade prices on all travel.

Here are some of our favourite stats from the research, and you can also see our infographic and press release about it below.

  • Two thirds of UK adults (64%) would work away from home, in the UK or abroad. Of these, 81% stated that if they were to work away from home, they would likely combine it with a holiday – taking a ‘sandwich break’ to maximise their time away
  • Europe tops the list as the number one destination for ‘Hybrid Holidays’
  • Percentage of people who would combine working away from home with a holiday by age:
    • 74% of those aged 18 – 34
    • 65% of those aged 35 – 54
    • 47% of those aged 55+
  • 72% of working parents with children in secondary school would like to work elsewhere in the UK or from a holiday destination for a period of time. This would enable them to take advantage of long school holidays, and make memories with their families
  • 79% of British workers that would consider combining a holiday with working away from home would do so for 3 weeks or more a year, and 28% would consider doing it for 6 weeks or more