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In terms of conservation issues, the result of the Covid-19 global pandemic has seen an unprecedented reduction in global transport activity; which in turn has resulted in less air pollution. It has also been the reason for businesses taking climate protection and social responsibility more seriously in their future campaigns. 

The point: there has been some good to come out of an awful, quite possibly unbelievable, situation. 

But — and it’s a big but — Africa and its national parks are in trouble. 

A lot of the African reserves rely heavily on an entry fee from tourists which then goes to maintain the conservation of the animals, pay for the rangers that care for them, and so on. 

Less or no tourism to these beautiful parts has devastated the conservation efforts leading to disastrous outcomes for the endangered animals that call the game reserves their home. The outcome is that the wildlife are at risk to poachers, moreso today than ever before. No tourists mean no money and no work for the locals that are so heavily involved in preserving their country’s wildlife. 

Rhino horn is considered to be a symbol of wealth, an aphrodisiac, and highly prized in the world of medicine. Combine this demand for rhino horn with the high unemployment and poverty levels in Africa, and it culminates in wildlife crime as the local communities are being exploited more than ever to feed the buyers’ desires. 

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