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Get ready to make up for lost time with a holiday to suit everyone!

The global pandemic has definitely taught us a thing or two; from slowing down and appreciating the small things to being more aware of the human impact on the natural environment. We’ve emerged from the never-ending lockdowns with a new sense of self awareness, for others, ourselves and our planet.

Then there was the classic case of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’…

We missed sitting inside at our favourite coffee shops, using our precious holiday allowance to enjoy travel, perusing around the shops and just being able to pop to someone’s house. But ultimately what we really missed was the interaction with others. Whether that was with friends and family or making small talk whilst waiting in line at the local fish and chip shop, our social interaction went straight out the window and we began to rely heavily on screens. 

Families with miles between them have felt further away than ever; grandparents have missed out on months of their grandchildrens’ lives, new mums have been forced into isolation and children missed seeing their cousins. The importance of human interaction is vital to our mental health; a face-to-face chat with a loved one has never before been so valued. So now we’re seeing lockdown eased, you bet we’ll be making the most of it!

With the days of enforced Zoom (hopefully) behind us and holidays back on the cards, what better way to enjoy our new-found freedom than with a big old trip away with those we love the most? Whether you want a large house in the countryside for you and your best mates, a fun and lively UK city break for you and your partner, or a family gathering spent in a house by the beach, we’ve got access to a large range of offerings that are perfect for any reunion!

With our insider knowledge, you’re bound to find all the elements you need to book the trip of your dreams so you can relish in making new memories. When it comes to planning bigger holiday groups, you’ll no doubt want the advice of experts, and that’s what we’re here for!

Ultimate Travel Club is also super beneficial when it comes to booking together because there’ll be more options to save money on all kinds of holidays thanks to our commission-free prices. Why not see how much you could save? Plus, you’ll get better offers when it comes to dining out and fun day-trip experiences. So from villas to hotels, the best place to dine out at as a large group, and any transport options including booking flights from different airports and hiring cars, we’re able to find something that will suit everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Unlock all the potential fun to be had when it comes to enjoying each other’s company again. Here’s to holding your loved ones a little tighter, appreciating their company, and booking a trip for all to enjoy!