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Now it’s time to travel again, it’s all about combining our reconnection with the great outdoors with our next trip.

Who could have ever predicted it would take a global pandemic to force us to slow down; to reconnect, and to ultimately, get back to nature?

At the beginning of the lockdown when we were told to stay home, it was an unprecedented situation for a nation (a world!) that is constantly busy. It was alien to us to be told we can’t do anything. No shopping, no dining out, no socialising and especially no travel.

Remember our 1 hour of exercise a day? That was a one-way ticket to escape our cabin fever; but slowly, over time, those precious daily walks became the recharge we never knew we needed.

We started commenting on the sound of bird song, watching YouTube videos on foraging wild garlic and relishing in the fact there were local parks to enjoy. Our usual conversations of the latest bar opening or where to holiday were replaced with talk of long walks, the changing seasons, and the local chirpy robin that we started noticing over our morning coffee.

Our distracted minds had slowed down, regrettably and sadly forced by a global pandemic but cushioned and comforted by nature. The great outdoors became our garden and the more time we spent in nature, the more the stress of the pandemic seemed a little less overwhelming. We’ll never forget the solace nature gave us during 2020. So when looking to make travel plans, our new-found love of nature is important to us.

And now, as the world opens back up again, we’re finally allowed to start booking holidays again and we’re pretty sure that you’ll want there to be a sprinkling of the great outdoors involved!

Travel is something we will be properly planning over the next few years (we’re making up for lost time!), and from boutique hotels to countryside cottages, lakeside glamping to woodland campsites; we’ll be helping you find nature-based trips to enjoy!

Ultimate Travel Club is the key to being able to enjoy the best travel deals as well as days out, theatre experiences, golf days and restaurant deals. There’s so much to discover now the world has opened up again and our access to an array of destinations and activities will allow you to book the break you need (and deserve!).

Our member benefits mean you’ll be able to plan your escape in advance and earn credit on each trip you take. Our selection of lodges at woodland resorts or rental cottages with beach views are only a click away.

Ask yourself, what do you want from your holiday this year? A wellness resort that offers spa treatments? A vacay where you can hike some beautiful nature trails? A hotel with an outdoor pool for the kids to enjoy? A cottage rental in a village with independent shops selling sustainably sourced produce? Whatever the holiday type, you can bet we’ve got you covered! You can also be assured that we will get you the best price for your adventure.

Get ready to be reunited with our beautiful world, you bet we appreciate it more than ever. It’s time to stay connected to nature and continue our love affair with the great outdoors. We can’t wait to see where you go!