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How to see more, spend less and reduce your impact on the planet

2021 is set to be a big year for travel. We’ve saved up our holiday days. And we’re ready to venture into new climates and countries. 

Many households are better off after the pandemic. We’ve become accustomed to seeing our savings balances climb and our debts plunge. But some of us have seen huge negative impacts on our finances after almost a year of lockdown. Those in unstable jobs have had almost no income. And many fell through the government’s support net. 

This is a time of uncertainty. Those of us with drastically lowered incomes in 2020 are worried about having to spend on meals out and holidays. And those of us who are used to saving no longer want to spend the same amount on travel, eating out and entertainment as we used to. 

This is also a time of price hikes, as companies attempt to recoup their 2020 losses and pent-up demand means those who us who can pay, will. 

So how do we bring back travel and entertainment, but better?

How to see more

We’ve done our part. Stayed at home for almost a year. Missed out on those 2020 and 2021 holidays we had planned. And now it’s time to get out and see the world again. But how to see even more?

Multi Centre trips are set to make a big comeback. Enjoy twice the holiday in one trip. Pair a city and beach, like New York and Antigua or Istanbul and Bodrum. Combine two major cities in one, like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Or Rome and Venice. Or enjoy the holiday of a lifetime when you combine the beach with a safari in Tanzania, South Africa or Kenya. Multi centre holidays also allow you to break up those long-distance flights. Spend a few days in Dubai on your way to Mauritius. Or visit Singapore on the way to Bali. 

Take the train. You can fly into your original destination and then hop on the train between different areas. Holidays by train let you enjoy the journey between the destinations. Take the iconic Blue Train between Johannesburg and Cape Town and take in South Africa’s diverse landscapes. Enjoy the chocolate box villages, sparkling lakes and rolling green landscapes as you travel around Europe. Or take an ultimate train journey up to Machu Picchu in Peru, or between Russia and China on the Trans Siberian Railroad. You could even take the Eurostar from the UK and explore Europe by train.  

Island hopping is another great way to see more on your holiday. Enjoy the whites and blues of the Greek islands as you take ferries or sail in between. Hop between luxury hotels and glorious beaches in the Maldives. Or take in the different cultures and landscapes in the Philippines. 

Cruises are making a comeback too. Love to see the sights but don’t want to worry about where your tickets are, unpacking, repacking and all the little details? A cruise is for you. Enjoy luxury rooms, dining and activities as you travel between white beaches and colourful towns in the Caribbean. Travel through Alaska and get close to some incredible animals. Or experience the best of the Mediterranean from the comfort of your cruise ship. 

How to spend less?

Thinking about everything you spend is a great way to save a lot over the long term. Here are our top tips for spending less on your holiday. 

Travel in the off season. This is more difficult when you have kids, but travelling during term time is a great way to save money. If you do have kids, booking a holiday for the last week of August and first week of September is a great way to save. And October half terms tend to be quiet too. 

Go midweek to midweek. Even during the school holidays, travelling midweek instead of at the weekends can save surprising amounts. And a short work week before and after your holiday can be a bonus too.

Take a late (or early) flight. Flights at inconvenient times tend to be cheaper than others. Just make sure you do your calculations. If you have to take a taxi because trains aren’t running at that time of night, you might end up spending more to get there than you save on the flight itself. 

Travel overnight. Sounds like an obvious one but travelling overnight saves you one night in your hotel. Plus, you can work all day Friday and then fly Friday night and save up those precious holiday days. 

Book with Ultimate Travel Club. We would say that wouldn’t we? You can pay commission-free prices on holidays around the world when you join UTC. Find out more below.  

How to lessen your impact on the planet?

Multi centre holidays allow you to take fewer flights. A lot of the carbon produced by planes comes from take off and landing. So if you can take one long haul flight and then hop between destinations by train, boat or car when you get there, you can minimise your carbon footprint. 

Carbon offsetting. Still want to take that flight? You can carbon offset your air miles and any other travel to reduce your impact on the environment. UTC have partnered with Ecologi who invest in carbon reduction and community projects around the world, so we can use our collective power to protect the planet.

Take the train. Slow travel is having its moment. And taking the train helps you reduce your carbon footprint, see more of a destination and discover places you might never usually visit. 

Support local. Did you know just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of our global emissions. Buying directly from smaller suppliers like markets, little restaurants and excursions companies means you’re supporting local economies.

So how do we make sure we’re doing all of this when we travel?

Join Ultimate Travel Club

We’ve figured out a way to cut out the middleman and bring you entertainment and travel for less. A lot less. 

Entertainment for less

Over 64 million meals were claimed through the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme in August. And as we enter almost a year of lockdown, we can expect another boom in entertainment. 

That’s where Ultimate Travel Club comes in. 

Our lifestyle members can enjoy some fantastic UK savings. That includes family days out, trips to restaurants and other incredible experiences. 

The UTC lifestyle membership include significant discounts for:

  • Days out
  • Restaurant meals
  • Experiences
  • Cinema tickets
  • West End shows
  • Golf courses

Travel for less

Post pandemic life has given us an opportunity to bring back travel. And at UTC we want to do it better. We’re a travel club, not a travel agency. So everything we do is built for our members. 

The UTC travel membership includes:

  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Car rental
  • Cruises
  • Villas
  • Tours
  • Airport parking
  • Airport transfers 
  • Airport hotels

How much can I save?

Pricing varies by date – but on some typical dates checked for July & August 2021 you could: 

Book yourself a cosy night for two at Malmaison Cheltenham and save 18%. You’ll pay £110.75 with Ultimate Travel Cub, while the public pays £135.

Or go the full hog with 7 nights in Tenerife, including flights and private transfers. The public pays £2,521 while you’ll pay £1,444.86. That’s a whopping 43% saving. 

Fancy a romantic night in London at the Crowne Plaza? You could save 17% and pay £181.04 instead of £219. 

How about 7 nights in Dubai at the Anantara Dubai the Palm Resort and Spa? Save 40% and pay £738.74 instead of £1,229. 

*Please note: these prices are intended as a guide only and will change depending on the dates you travel. 

How does it work?

You’re paying too much for your holidays. And we want to help. At UTC, we cut out the middleman and give you access to travel agent prices. So you can book holidays with some of the biggest names in travel, at the best prices. 

Or you can choose our lifestyle plan. Save up to 50% at over 6,000 restaurants, 50% on cinema tickets and theme parks and 50% at over 800 golf courses. Plus, enjoy airport lounge access when you travel.


Once you join Ultimate Travel Club, you’re a member of our club. You can chat to other members, get tips and advice on travel and lifestyle trends and, of course, benefit from huge discounts. 

We care about the environment too. We offset every trip. And we give money directly to local hoteliers and suppliers, rather than big businesses. 


We love travel. We don’t love the way the travel industry works. So we created Ultimate Travel Club. Enjoy huge discounts on hotels, flights and so much more. The prices you see are the prices travel agents see. 

Plus, we’ve teamed up with restaurants, golf courses, theme parks, cinemas and more to give you the very best deals when you’re at home too. Enjoy that holiday feeling in your own city. 


The environment is important to us. And we know it is to you too. So we work with our partner, Ecologi, to plant trees for each member who joins, and support green initiatives. Plus, we support hoteliers and airlines directly. Using membership fees to cover our admin costs, means we never take a cut when you book travel, restaurants, golf courses and other entertainment through us. So your hard earned money goes directly to the people you’re buying from.